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Bill Proposing Extension of Limits for Filing Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuits in Michigan
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Here is a link to a story on a bill before the Michigan House to extend the statute of limitations on how long a victim can file suit against abuser up to 30 years after they turn 18. Some feel this is excessive and the Michigan Catholic Conference feels it's "an attack on religious institutions."

Story linked here.

I admit, there are times when I wish I had the guts to sue as I was hospitalized twice directly from the effects of sexual abuse. But I know I would lose. I have no proof. I can see the argument that this will burden the legal system, but then again, many survivors weren't well enough to emotionally come forward before or had no support system. Other proponents of the bill claim it will identify previously unnamed child molesters. I don't want to sue anymore but I personally would like protection against being sued if I name my abuser or state his relationship to me. I feel abusers have more protection from the law than survivors in this regard.

What do you think?
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