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Some Advice for Self-Employed PACA Members and Upcoming Articles
Hi Folks,

I know that this isn't PACA related, but DodiaFae said it might be helpful to some members here. This is a link to my article Ten Ways to Make Money at Fairs and Festivals. I'll be expanding this in other articles that give more specifics such as the steps you need to take to apply for a food vendor license, where to get supplies, etc., but those take a bit more research, so bear with me as I have a day job.:)

On a PACA-related note, I'm working on a couple articles that take a look at what I consider the harmful new-age blame the victim mentality. The first one is a movie review of "What the Bleep Do We Know?". This 'documentary' is a few years old but has been an indie hit and still holds a lot of sway in some circles. The other is how positive thinking used as dogma can have a negative impact on rape and sexual abuse survivors.

I know some Pagans really like "What the Bleep" and I'm not criticizing them. But there are a lot of issues I have with the film that I'm going to be honest about, not the least of which is that one of the so-called experts in it held high rank in Ireland's national seminary and is an accused child molester (who has actually settled out of court with one of his accusers). I may be a bit harsh in my review, but I think it's good to point some things out.

Anyway, I'll post those links here when I'm finished or where ever the new group ends up calling home.


Trish Deneen
WitchVox Active Wiccan James Doulglas Ray Outed as Pedophile!
If you're on Witchvox beware of this man. He is attending pagan gatherings and stalking kids and is trying to recruit families in or near Mountain View Arkansas to join his circle. He is an admitted pedophile who thinks girls as young as 8 or 9 are "ready' for sex. Please red this article which has the details on him and warn your friends. From Red Alerts "Keeping with out Wiccan theme coming out of this Halloween I have a warning for Pagan parents out there who my run into James Douglas Ray, who is known on WitchVox as mountpagan2, and is also active on several pro-child rape forums. He has admitted on them to using Pagan festivals to indulge in his perversion. The investigative team at Wikisposure exposed Ray during their Halloween push called Pedofright 2009. The Wikisposure team first became aware of Ray when they observed a pedophile going by the handle “Childdriver” on several pro-pedophile forums. Their investigators obtained the email address of the pervert and found it to be associated with several other websites including WitchVox. Just so no Wiccan thinks this is baseless here’s a description of the investigation: "We noticed a pedophile with the name of childdriver posting on several online pedophilia boards. He posted that his location was in Arkansas and we were able to obtain his email address. His email address led us to further information and websites that he belonged to such as EMT, firefighter, hunting, and Wiccan forums. We discovered more email addresses for him. These email addresses eventually led us to his identifying information such as his date of birth, city, and name. These matched public databases." Ray uses WitchVox to try to gain access to families. He and his wife are actively recruiting families to form a circle in his area (Mountain View Arkansas) and is also recruiting adults by claiming he is a 3rd degree initiate. He originally hails from Chicago where he was a bus driver for fourteen years. He is also an avid hunter and a volunteer firefighter. Here is the pertinent online information of James Douglas Ray:" Read the rest.
Australian Rapist Releases Rap Song braggin about his Crime
I'm a big supporter of de-medicalizing criminality, especially sex assaults. This piece I wrote for my political blog is a good example of how Psychology empowers criminals to continue a career of victimization. "Back in 2006 a 16-year-old girl with a developmental disability met two boys on a social network site. The girl went to hang out with her new “friends” when she was surrounded by several other teens who the boys invited, dragged into a nearby wooded area and raped in a case that shocked Australia and the world. The group filmed the girl as she was raped, beaten, urinated on and had her hair set on fire. The group, who came to be known as the Werribee rapists, then made DVDs of the film and sold it to people. They called their film Cunt: The Movie. But the most outrageous part of the story is that when all was said and done, Australia’s liberal “justice” system did not send these unreformable deviants to prison where they belong, but let them off basically Scott free with probation and sex offender counseling. Would it shock anyone to know the counseling didn’t take?" Read the rest and let me know what you think.
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