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Girls in my picture

MM, Im always glad when a child is found as is the case today after I issued an amber alert last night.

The children you see in my display picture are 4 of my many neices and nephews. It was taken a couple of years ago at My sister Judys cottage outside Meaford Ontario. They are such sweet kids and we had just finished playing a game I made up for them called " finnnnnnd the golden stone"

I had some fools gold (a large peice) and Id get them to face the wall and count to 20. I threw the golden stone out along the beach and rocks then as they reached 20 theyd all say together "fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind the Golden stoooooooooooone"! As us laughing adults watched theyd go out there and try finding the golden stone. Who ever found it first got a point! The game went to 10. We laughed and laughed till our bellys hurt. Its a fond memory and makes me realize how precious our children are. If even 1 of them went missing I swear I'd lose my mind. My heart goes out to any of you who have had your child go missing. Rejoice in their youth and give your children a big ol hug today! Blessings, Rev Willow

Bill Proposing Extension of Limits for Filing Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuits in Michigan
***I moved this post to the general forum for discussion here:

Here is a link to a story on a bill before the Michigan House to extend the statute of limitations on how long a victim can file suit against abuser up to 30 years after they turn 18. Some feel this is excessive and the Michigan Catholic Conference feels it's "an attack on religious institutions."

Story linked here.

I admit, there are times when I wish I had the guts to sue as I was hospitalized twice directly from the effects of sexual abuse. But I know I would lose. I have no proof. I can see the argument that this will burden the legal system, but then again, many survivors weren't well enough to emotionally come forward before or had no support system. Other proponents of the bill claim it will identify previously unnamed child molesters. I don't want to sue anymore but I personally would like protection against being sued if I name my abuser or state his relationship to me. I feel abusers have more protection from the law than survivors in this regard.

What do you think?
Searching for Angela Shelton - A Documentary on Sexual Abuse
I'm watching a different kind of documentary that some of you might be interested in. A woman named Angela Shelton who is a survivor of sexual abuse decided to go around the country and find other Angela Sheltons and over half of those she interviewed were either raped, beaten or molested. It might be difficult for some to watch, but it's also inspiring I think for those who think they're alone and don't have a voice.

She actually confronts her abuser and I can relate so much to the experience. His lies and reaction are so familiar. Abusers have such a knack for denial and making you doubt yourself. When you're the survivor in that situation, you tend to feel like you're in the Twilight Zone because they're point blank lying to your face or making excuses for their behavior. You eventually realize your abuser isn't going to take responsibility and your the only one responsible for your well being (as an adult).

I think it will help some survivors speak out. I rented it from Netflix. Here is the link to the movie website if you're interested.
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