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Hello Folks,

I know that times are tight for a lot of us and I don't want to preach at people to give 'til it hurts.  But I'm sure a lot of still would like to do what we can to help local shelters.  If you can give time or don't want to give a monetary donation, then you might want to check out the donation wish list from your local child abuse and assault shelter.

Some of the things requested may be something you already have at home and can spare to help someone else in need.  Some examples of material goods on wish lists might be baby food, diapers, towels, kitchen ware, clothing, etc.  I think shelters would prefer new items, but check with your local shelter to be sure.

Also, my local shelter lists gift cards for gas, fast food and other stores.  You could pick these up on your regular shopping rounds.  Even a small amount would help.  I remember the shelter my mom went to for counseling help.  They also offered shelter and we were lucky that we had a relative who took us in but not every one in a domestic violence situation has that option.  

It may seem like a $5 or $10 gift card to Wendy's or a gas card in that amount would be pointless, but that gas card may just get victims out of the house and on the way to freedom and the gift card could feed a hungry victim immediately.  They could also help someone just starting out in their own place after leaving this situation.

Just some ideas to consider.

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